Tom Marchant, A Perspective

Tom Marchant, owner of Black Tomato, has enjoyed a life-long love affair with travel, and Australia’s Northern Territory just so happens to be one of his favourite destinations on earth. Here’s what he had to say about this special place.

I was asked to capture what Australia’s Northern Territory means to me and as I recalled my time there it brought to mind a series of perhaps the most compelling moments and experiences that I have ever enjoyed. Why? Let me explain.

To stand in a landscape where the only thing that limits your view is the breadth of your own vision as it tries to take in thousands of magical miles of beguiling country around you is a special thing.

To try and retune your ears as you wonder why you can’t hear anything and to then realise that this is what it is to hear perfect silence is a privilege in our ever buzzing world.

To walk across land that has never been walked on or to traverse paths that have been carved into the earth for tens of thousands of years is to enjoy an experience so rare that the sense of wonder that course’s through your veins as you do it is utterly magical.

To see dusks and dawns paint a picture across the sky that our greatest artists could never compete with shows you why Mother Nature is the mightiest creative talent out there.

To spend time in a land with a soul and spirit so deep and whose presence you are constantly aware of is to be given the ultimate escape and positive alternative to the relentless, commoditized and manic 24/7 world we live in day today.

To have these experiences is to spend time in NT.

Some destinations require hard pushed sales angles to get you to go but NT has always been different. Why? It’s a destination that once you are there immediately connects. Connects you to its red earth and scorched skies. Connects you to experiences that embody the spirit of adventure. We never need to push the hard sale. Just listen to the tales of those returning and read of those stunning moments and unique experiences. The Northern Territory’s beauty and spirit is like nowhere else on this planet. Now, is that not a good enough reason to go?

Image © Tourism Australia