Sometimes, the grander the gesture the better, and at Black Tomato we’ve always got an inventive trick up our sleeve. Utilising our ability to provide truly life changing travel experiences, these trips combine a sense of adventure with some of our all-time favourite destinations to provide proposal trips for the intrepid romantic.

Jonathan’s Epic Proposal

Case-Study-Icon-What-They-EnvisagedWhat they envisaged…

Jonathan came to us with a desire to completely wow his girlfriend. He wanted us to execute something that, on the face of it, was completely impossible and he stressed the importance of how his proposal had to be truly one of a kind.

Case-Study-Icon-What-We-DeliveredWhat we delivered…

After acquainting Jonathan with one of our hand-picked travel experts, we set about learning everything there was to know about him and his future fiancé. We studied their travel history, their hobbies and their bucket lists and began creating a trip that suited them perfectly. From the beginning, it was clear that the couple were crazy about water sports, and when we suggested working scuba diving into his proposal, Jonathan loved the idea, but also highlighted how he wanted us go further to ensure that this wasn’t a standardised experience.

We took Jonathan’s comments on board and set about creating a truly unique trip that would satisfy his thirst for adrenaline. We picked Belize as our destination due to the scuba opportunities of the Blue Hole; an azure sinkhole in the heart of the Belize Reef System. Upping the adrenaline further, we decided that launching themselves from a helicopter into the ethereal hole would add the extra edge of adventure which he was looking for.

On the final day of their scuba escape, the couple leaped from their private helicopter and explored the stunning underwater world of the Blue Hole for the last time of their trip. With no other tourists around and the expanse of the blue hole at their feet, Jonathan proposed amongst the shoals of butterfly fish and sea turtles.

Case-Study-Icon-What-They-ThoughtWhat they thought….

“Not only did Black Tomato realise my dreams of a truly unique proposal, but they also provided an original, varied and completely unexpected itinerary that suited my fiancé and I perfectly. After attempting to plan the proposal on my own for almost three months, enquiring with Black Tomato was honestly the best decisions I’ve ever made. The depths that they went to were seriously amazing, I think they know more about my relationship than most of my friends or family, and their attention to detail underpinned the complete success of a truly epic experience.”

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