Our new Set Jetting series transports you to some of the most iconic locations seen on screen, so we started wondering where some of our favourite shows and movies are filmed. And we came across a few surprises.

We know the feeling – you’re watching a great film (or TV series) and something in the back of your mind is sparking that travel wanderlust. Be it a dreamlike desert island (thank you, Blue Lagoon), or an epic mountain vista spanning as far as the horizon (that’s you, Lord of the Rings). There are countless films inspiring that travel bug to bite and more often than not we’re surprised to find out where they were actually filmed. Here’s 8 of our favourite surprises…

Game of Thrones

feature malta

The terracotta coloured stone buildings and balmy Mediterranean climate made Malta the ideal location for the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in series one, providing a welcome antidote to the harsh wintery landscapes of Winterfell. Malta’s beautifully preserved Medieval walled city of Mdina was the perfect set for The Kings Landing, bringing the gripping complex story to life.

Jurassic Park


Manawaiopuna Falls is the iconic location in Jurassic Park where the helicopter lands, and where the adventure and chaos ensues. The dramatic crashing 360-foot waterfall in the back of the scene now nicknamed ‘Jurassic Falls’ was previously closed to the public, but since 2010, tours have been operating to the island, with people able to experience the awesome power of this waterfall themselves and get a taste of Jurassic Park life – without the dinosaurs.

Blue Lagoon


Frequently described as one of the most magical places in the South Pacific, Nanyuan Levu is a privately owned island in Fiji and was one of the many set locations for this legendary film, along with Vanuatu and Jamaica. Where once stood film sets now sits a luxury island retreat, with a pretty exclusive price tag. We definitely wouldn’t mind being washed up there for a while…

Lord of The Rings


The firey pit of ‘Mount Doom’ in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, also known as Mt Ruapehu, is the largest of the three volcanoes in the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. Come winter this active volcano plays home to one of New Zealand’s largest and most popular ski resorts. Explore New Zealand’s volcanic region for yourself on this trip.

The Darjeeling Limited


The Darjeeling Limited was a train made especially for the film, running on live tracks through the vibrant sub-continent of India – more specifically Rajasthan – a trail laced with palaces known as ‘the land of kings.’ From the bustling, historic city of Jodhpur, crossing the subtropical Thar desert near the Pakistani border, a beautiful but hostile and largely uninhabited part of the Indo-Pacific region, the journey runs through culturally rich cities and breath-taking landscapes. We just wish we could actually travel on The Darjeeling Limited ourselves. Inspired by the film?  Experience Rajasthan on this trip.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


With Europe’s geothermal capital boasting dramatic volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls, Iceland finally gets a starring role in this adventure inducing blockbuster. The beautifully harsh terrain is every traveller’s dream, creating the perfect setting to invoke a sense of travel wanderlust. Seyoifjorour, a tiny town in the east fjords created the perfect backdrop for the beautiful skateboarding sequence, with the winding 17 kilometres of road and stunning scenery in the background. Explore Iceland for yourself on this trip.



The dusty golden desert and minimal rainfall made the dry stretches of desert of Mexico reminiscent of the arid landscapes of Greece. And those dramatic beach scenes? Filmed at none other than Mexico’s most popular beach destination of Cabo San Lucas. Discover Mexico’s pacific coast on our trip to the Bajan Peninsula.

Star Wars


Located deep in the mysterious Guatemalan rainforest stands the Maya city of Tikal, once the capital city and most important kingdom of the ancient Mayan civilization, otherwise known to Star Wars fans as planet Yavin 4, the scene of Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo attack on the Galactic Empire’s giant space station.

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