Casa de Uco, Mendoza

Imagine waking up each morning surrounded by only rows and rows of the finest vines, and the majestic Andes Mountains just beyond your private terrace. Well, this is your daily routine as you embrace ‘vineyard time’ at Casa de Uco, Mendoza’s unrivalled and world-class wine resort. Step inside for an experience like no other, full to the brim with exquisite wine, inspiring cuisine, unparalleled views and ultimate serenity.


The Uco Valley is widely considered one of the most prestigious wine regions in Mendoza, and Argentina at that. In fact, it contributes so significantly to the country’s wine industry that it is often considered its own region. For all you wine buffs, the distinctive floral Malbec shines in all its glory here, at the base of the Andes Mountains that offers a perfect and unique altitude for grape growth. Reach your wine retreat in less than two hours from Mendoza International Airport.

Wines aside, this area provides a luxurious natural environment to explore by foot, bike or horseback. Take in all that this 700-acre estate has to offer however you choose, assured that a welcoming glass of Malbec and an empanada await you back at your lodgings.

Your room

Casa de Uco offers seven rooms and nine suites, with each one promising sweeping views of your naturally stunning surroundings. We especially love the Laguna Suite, boasting a private terrace, a walk in shower and freestanding bathtub to truly relax in and appreciate that peaceful scenery. Your bed is tucked away in a wooden alcove, designed to give that extra cosy feel in such an exclusive suite.

Why we like it

This couldn’t be a more ideal spot for wine lovers to retreat to. Modern design and refined wine production are central to this Argentinian retreat. What’s more, the restaurant’s dishes are all inspired by the local fresh produce growing in the organic garden, a prized possession that rivals, and complements, their first-class wines. Casa de Uco really does have it all.


In Argentina, approximately one-hectare of forest is destroyed every three minutes. To combat this, Casa de Uco pledge to donate ten square-meters of native forest for every reservation made. By choosing to stay here, you’ll be supporting the biodiversity of the land and combating climate change.