Sal Salis

For an alternative reef experience to the Great Barrier Reef, where you’ll be jostling with hoards of people, head to WA and the perfect hotel: Sal Salis. An eco-luxury safari camp just metres from the water, this is the perfect place to stay when you’re exploring this widely unknown part of the coastline. Let the chef provide you with contemporary Australian cuisine, while wallaroos (a mini type of kangaroo) come out for their own evening meal. Talk about blending with nature.


Sitting virtually atop the Ningaloo Reef, each tent at Sal Salis is less than a minute walk to the beach, amid the low coastal dunes and in front of the amazing Cape Range National Park. The Park is teeming with wildlife (think emus and some serious birdlife), limestone ranges and hundreds of caves to explore: this is a natural beach wonderland which we absolutely love.

Your room

Sal Salis is the perfect mix of nature and luxury. Your huge en-suite tent has a kingsize bed with five hundred thread count sheets and a solid wooden floor. This isn’t any old camping. You’ll feel totally immersed in your surroundings, whether it’s a red kangaroo hopping by your spacious tent, or the sound of Humpback Whales nearby. But panic not: all the comforts you need are here.

Why we like it

Sal Salis is sensitive to its delicate surroundings and has mastered the art of being a sustainable green environment. Everything is solar powered, and waste material is managed so that it doesn’t escape into the surrounding ecosystem. Even the toiletries are green, with native herb soaps and natural shampoos. Definitely no guilt attached to indulging yourself here for a few nights: just the way we like it.

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