Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort stemmed from the desire to create a ‘tent in the bush’ concept and the brains behind the hotel have certainly outdone themselves. You’ll find this eco safari spot on Vancouver Island, hidden away from prying eyes and immersed in nature at its finest. With just 20 luxury tents this is the perfect place for the ultimate romantic getaway or an exciting adventure trip where you can expect to see whales and black bears and explore the wilderness. It’s up to you.


The resort is sat on the banks of the Bedwell River in Clayoquot Sound, close to the village of Tofino on Vancouver Island. To reach this remote spot fly to Vancouver International Airport and from here take a scenic 45 minute sea plane to reach your luxury retreat. This part of British Colombia has truly got it all; broad mountain ranges, effervescing streams, secluded beaches and dense forest landscapes to name but a few. Think days spent discovering the wildlife and taking dips in the natural hot springs before heading back to a roaring fire in the evenings.

Your room

Imagine great white prospector style tents on wooden stilts, connected by cedar boardways and you’ll begin to get a picture of what Clayoquot is all about. Choose from tents that are hidden under a canopy of forest along the water’s edge or perched ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ style amongst hillside trees. The interiors are dreamy havens from the outside world complete with king sized beds and fluffy duvets, wood stoves, oil lamps and antique dressers decorated with candles.

Why we like it?

For us Clayoquot Wilderness Resort ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re a nature fanatic in search of some thrills or just craving some tranquility there’s something for everyone here. We love the ethos behind the resort, the owners are committed to maintaining the land and guests have the opportunity take part in wildlife restoration work. Your stay won’t be complete without paying a visit to the gorgeous Healing Grounds Spa where you can indulge in a dip in the wood fired cedar hot tubs. Now that’s the kind of rustic no one can resist.

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