Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

Bringing together rich culture, history and community, this idyllic island is the perfect rural retreat to experience Canadian wilderness and discover the natural beauty of the North Atlantic. Saunders Architects wanted to mimic the Inn’s scenic backdrop, and so the design represents a jagged landscape that dramatically stands out as a sensational cultural attraction.


The island can be reached via ferry from Central Newfoundland in as little as 50 minutes. Of course, if you’re after the wow-factor, we can charter a private aircraft to drop you to the island. It’ll be an entrance as dramatic as the scenery.

Fogo Island Inn, along with the warm and welcoming population, invites guests to experience a luxury stay in the heart of Newfoundland, with creative local cuisine where the menu is an expression of the local foodways.  On property you’ll find wood fired saunas, a fitness centre, reading room, bar, lounge, a tea room that is always stocked with freshly baked goods and wonderful teas, an art gallery, and a cinema. A rugged, coastal landscape offers action-packed activities such as hiking, fishing, ocean kayaking and seabird watching. The area’s climate offers seven seasons and an abundance of fulfilling activities, so there are a variety of ways to get to know the landscape, the culture and wildlife.


The rooms and suites embody the spirit of the striking landscape, all with views of the Atlantic Ocean to be admired from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Large walk-in showers, heated wood floors and crackling wood-burning stoves are just a few of the special features you can enjoy. The contemporary outport design is unique to this area and every piece of furniture in each of the 29 rooms and suites is beautifully handcrafted by local artisans, allowing modern to be mixed with traditional.


Be a traveller, don’t be a tourist – The Fogo Island Inn provides signature experiences to help guests understand the community, rich history and spirit of the island. Let a native islander give you a personal tour, explore traditional design at art workshops or venture out on a marine encounter with local fishermen for a truly one-of-a-kind Atlantic Canadian experience.

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