Manatus Hotel, Tortuguero

Manatus Hotel offers a real nature-centred, bespoke experience. Situated within touching distance of the luscious Costa Rican rainforest and the Tortuguero Canal, Manatus places you in amongst the vibrant flora and the exotic wildlife whilst simultaneously offering views of the waterways you will never tire of. Add to this an in-house art gallery showcases pieces by local artist Marcela Crespo Gallegos and the Caribbean fusion food served at the restaurant and you’ll quickly feel immersed in Costa Rican culture.


Manatus Hotel borders Tortuguero National Park, found in the northeast coastal region of Costa Rica and where wildlife is in abundance. We recommend flying into the nearby town of Tortuguero; a thirty-minute flight that gives you a bit more time by the pool acclimatising and relaxing. From Tortuguero, a short boat trip up the waterways will take you right to Manatus Hotel.

Your room

The hotel has only 12 rooms, which allows for every suite to be spacious and have its own private patio for you to relax on after playing explorer all day. Plush, thick white bed linen and canopied beds are just one example of how Manatus Hotel brings subtle luxuries with a rainforest twist. Decorated in neutral tones with splashes of colour courtesy of the vibrancy of Costa Rican and Caribbean culture, your room is a haven within a haven.

Why we like it

The fact that Manatus Hotel isn’t right on the beach means you are encouraged to explore and that’s something we at Black Tomato live for. Manatus Hotel puts you in prime position to observe green turtles nesting and hatching between June and October.  Go kayaking and see if you can spot a crocodile or two, or take a canopy tour and enter sloth, monkey and toucan territory. And still, after getting all muddy and sticky in the tropical rainforest environment, Manatus will have a cool swimming pool and canopied bed for you to wind down in.