Deplar Farm, Troll Peninsula

One of the most luxurious and remote hotels in the country, Deplar Farm was once a sheep farm but has now been converted into a modern and luxurious retreat that honours authentic Icelandic architecture. Located in the remote Fljot Valley which is an area of Iceland with a plethora of adventure activities, the hotel contains 13 en-suite bedrooms and a restaurant that dedicates itself to excellence. Whether you are in search of a hotel that specializes in crafting over the top experiences for discerning travellers or just to kick back, relax and enjoy the stunning views this hotel has to offer, we have no doubt that Deplar Farm is the perfect destination for travellers who are looking to get the most out of this enchanting island.


Situated in northern central Iceland on the Troll Peninsula and only a 45-minute flight away from Reykjavik, this lavish hotel has perfected the definition of an adventurer’s paradise by being located off the grid. It provides you with exclusive views of the Northern Lights and the perfect location for summit to sea heli-skiing, ski touring and snowmobiling, making it the ideal springboard for you to be able to explore this region of the country.

Your Room

With 13 elegant en-suite bedrooms, you can’t go wrong with any of them, however, we recommend you choose one of the four gallery suites. All four are identical in size and layout with two providing exceptional views of the mountains to the southwest of the hotel and two providing a miraculous view of the lake to the northwest of the hotel that will not disappoint. All of the hotel’s rooms have floor to ceiling windows that bring the outdoors in and all have double beds offering a beautiful abode to return to after a long day of exploring the island.

Why we like it?

Deplar Farm epitomizes our ethos towards luxury adventure travel, the farm doesn’t like to call themselves ‘a hotel’ because they feel that it is too impersonal therefore proving why experiencing this exclusive property is at the top of so many adventurers lists. The combination of approachable terrain, wild landscape and endless daylight that staying at Deplar Farm offers you is the reason why it is the perfect action packed hotel just for you.