Visalam, Tamil Nadu

Deep in the heart of south-eastern India sits the sheltered land of Chettinad. Elapsed mansions are sprinkled across the ancient soil of Kanadukathan where we find Visalam, a classic restored manor stripped back to the hassle free minimal style of traditional Indian wealth. With 15 exclusive luxury suites Visalam is the ideal place to switch off and welcome opulence with open arms.


Your journey starts as you land at Tiruchirappalli Airport. As you venture 70km further to the south-eastern heart of India you’re welcomed into the grandeur home of previous owner Ramnathan Chettiar. The 1800 year old Pillayarpatti Temple is a mere 18km from the Visalam, or if you don’t want to endeavour too far from the mansion; there’s a trusty bullock cart here that can take you on a journey through history in a world of forgotten grace.

Your room

After you’re guided through the courtyard of this beautiful heritage property you’ll be greeted into your slumber by high ceilings, amples of space and traditional wood beams or ceiling patterns. Your view overlooks the Kanadukathan countryside, a flowing green mass as far as the eye can see. The bed rests upon original floor tiles gently meeting the opalescent surrounding walls.

Why we like it

Visalam is off the beaten track but hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to luxury and heritage. The chef will personally ask you what you want for dinner and the staff ensures your stay is as grand as the mansion itself.  Here you get the opportunity to march to the beat of your own drum, graciously.