La Sultana, Oualidia

Sheltered from the sea by an enormous saltwater lagoon, La Sultana Oualidia occupies a unique plot of land with an unbeatable view of a distinctive and rare ecosystem. The stone building is topped with Islamic domes and sits amongst palms, just meters from a tranquil beach and even closer to the infinity pool. If the calming views of the Atlantic are all too much then retreat to the in house spa, which nestles in the heart of the main building and relax even further.


Sheltered from the Atlantic winds, not only by the lagoon but also by headlands at either end, La Sultana really is in a world of its very own. Around 120 miles from Marrakech and perched on the coast, Oualidia enjoys a cool sea breeze and the fruits of the local oyster beds. The hotel’s unique position lends itself to relaxation, being set within lush green gardens that are sustained using environmentally friendly recycling systems. Meanwhile, the lagoon’s sandbanks make for placid waters that sparkle with the sun’s rays.

Your room

The 11 suites that makeup La Sultana Oualidia are dressed in pale stonewashed colours and flooded with natural light. Exposed brickwork and oleander branch ceilings accentuate the rustic feel of the suites, while plush bathroom fixtures act as a reminder of the quality and craftsmanship that surrounds. Relax on the sun deck, or under a palm, or take in the views of the local boats passing by on the lagoon. Or, for something entirely different, why not opt for one of the gorgeous treehouses? They’ll have you reliving your childhood in a luxurious new light.

Why we like it

La Sultana Oualidia was designed to be kind to its surroundings both in its architectural qualities and in the various measures the property has adopted to ensure its sustainability credentials. You will love the calming open spaces and the interplay of the lagoon, sand and sky.