Scarabeo Camp, Agafay Desert

The statement ‘ever-changing scenery’ sounds tired, bear with us though as staying at Scarabeo Camp even just twice would see you looking out of the same tent but at an entirely new scene. Once every six months, the well-travelled and knowledgeable owners up-sticks and move the entire camp to the optimal spot for the coming seasons. The Oriental style encampment is an eco-tourist’s dream, with a plethora of measures designed to lower the impact of your stay, although don’t for a second think that this means any reduction in lavishness for you. The aroma of fresh bread will beckon you from your desert den each morning and the sight of the Atlas Mountain range, complete with snow-capped peaks, will enliven the weariest of souls.


During the summer, Scarabeo Camp takes full advantage of the fragrant, cooling breeze and the shade provided by a thicket of eucalyptus trees. Whilst the winter months’ shorter days mean that the encampment must soak up all the sun available, as such the tents take a little trip into the moonscape and set up in full sight of the African sun. In either position, the camp is only ever 40km from Marrakech – although the seclusion would have you believe it was a million miles.

Your Room

Outwardly elegant in their simplicity, the interiors of the 12 tents that make up Scarabeo Camp are lovingly adorned with trinketry from both North Africa and further afield. The camp’s owners have a few miles of travel under their belts and therefore bring an eclecticism to each unique space. Stylish Berber rugs ensure you won’t feel the moon rocks underfoot and atmospheric Moroccan lamps light your way by night. Forget everything you know about camping and imagine more that you are in a beautiful hotel that just so happens to have walls made of canvas. Now replace that staid topiary garden with the awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains and you’re getting close.

Why we like it

We love the serenity, the goat herders passing by and the fact that we felt transported to a far simpler time. Making our international footprint lighter and protecting the local environment but not suffering for it makes us very happy indeed.

Photos by © Sven Laurent

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