Namibia: Shipwrecks, Ancient Tribes & Leopard Tracks

Birds seem to get all the best views… and on our brand new flying safari, you can too onboard your own private plane. There are some countries that just have to be seen from the air to fully understand their vast remoteness; Namibia is most definitely one of them. Hauntingly beautiful, exhilarating and raw, this is one trip that will pluck you away from everything you’ve ever known and inject a serious dose of awe.

Sand surfing and high flying

The first stop on this adventure is an exhilarating excursion through the mighty sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Reaching heights of over 300 metres the adrenalin-inducing ride across the dunes in a desert-adapted 4×4 is the perfect introduction to this dramatic country. If that doesn’t satisfy your need for adventure then there’s always the world’s highest sand dune around the corner just waiting to be climbed. All this excitement and to think it isn’t even lunchtime. Next up, continue with your journey on a low-level flight, giving you the ultimate bird’s eye view of the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck at Conception Bay. This isn’t the only treat on this journey as you fly over a seal colony, the vast desert and make a stop at the Ugab formations. Step into another world- a lifeless moonscape where the darkness of the rocky ridges stands out in stark contrast against the white desert floor. Settle down for the night at the luxurious Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp where you can discover ancient rock engravings just a stone’s throw from the camp. The next morning your landscape changes again as you fly into the red lava fields and yellow sandstone of the Huab River.

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Shipwrecks and the Himba

One word that certainly couldn’t be used to describe Namibia is mundane. Today witness the dramatic Montrose and Henrietta shipwrecks, each with their own tale of history that left us mesmerised but thoroughly inspired. The beaches are a profusion of multi-coloured pebbles consisting of a vast range of natural minerals including agate, lava, granite and quartz and the odd whalebone; truly a beach with a twist. With all this stark contrast from its lands, what of Namibia’s people? It is time to discover the nomadic Himba tribe who not only share their never-ending back garden with the desert-dwelling elephants but manage to uphold their beliefs and traditions in the harshest of climates. Marvel at the local clothes and exchange kind words with these gentle and peaceful people as they invite you into their homes to show you the full extent of their hospitality.

Coasting up the Kunene

Your journey along this exquisite coastline doesn’t stop here as you continue up the Kunene River, the natural border between Namibia and Angola. This area is a bird’s paradise with species varying from the aquatic birds on the perennial waters to the endemic desert varieties and those that inhabit dense riverine vegetation. Of course, you will have the privilege of seeing all of this from the comfort of your own aircraft.

Listen to the leopard’s roar

Last but by no means least, is a trip to the ultimate animal lover’s spot of Okonjima Lodge. This family-run lodge is nestled in the heart of the Omboroko Mountains and is home to the AfriCat Foundation, a project which aims to rescue, relocate and rehabilitate some of the world’s most beautiful and admired big cats, the cheetah and leopard. Learn all about these majestic animals and be in with a chance of coming nose to nose with these feline beauties as you go in search on foot with a radio-tracking system. Settle in for the night in your luxurious accommodation at either the main camp or bush camp. All rooms are immaculately decorated and in a serene setting where you can enjoy a drink by an open fire whilst listening to the roar of lions or sit in a night hide and be in with a chance of seeing nocturnal animals such as the magnificent porcupine.