Canvas Club

Nothing says ‘off the beaten track’ like a private desert camp in the heart of the Omani desert. At Canvas Club, that’s exactly what they are offering; an unparalleled glamping experience, right down to the smallest detail. Spend an unforgettable night or two in this romantic hideaway, exploring the dunes by day and gazing at the stars by night. Deep in the desert, it’s as private as it gets and we can guarantee you won’t see another soul for miles. A truly enchanting place, the desert cannot fail to capture your heart.


How else do you arrive at an exclusive desert camp than by camel? Located 30km deep inside the magic of the Wahiba Sands Desert, it’s not easy to pinpoint an exact address for Canvas Club. All the better for escaping everyday life, we say. As you look out from the top of the highest dune as the sun sets in the distance, experience the magic that is having an entire desert to yourself. Whether you prefer exploring desert depths and uncovering Bedouin secrets or lounging by a natural oasis, a world of hidden treasures awaits you every day of this unforgettable desert experience.

Your Room

‘Tent’ hardly seems the right word to describe the spacious desert mansions that Canvas Club delivers. Tasteful and traditional in equal measure, sleep under silk bedspreads, pad across oriental carpets and bask in the warm light of beautiful lamps. You can guarantee the perfect night’s sleep here – with endless starry skies above and silence all around. Your private Bedouin camp is made up of three tents: the bed, the bath and the majilis. The majilis, a Bedouin living room, is the perfect spot to admire the unique desert panorama as you lay back on luxurious oriental cushions before enjoying a gourmet candlelight dinner.

Why we like it

Yes, it’s unbearably luxurious. Yes, there is nothing quite like having a desert to yourself. But it’s the staff that make Canvas Club so special. Oh-so attentive, they anticipate your every want before it’s even occurred to you and their attention to detail is second to none. Top marks though have to go to the private chefs, who bring gourmet desert dining to life. From the Arabic-infused candlelight dinners to the smell of freshly-baked Omani bread wafting by in the morning, we can guarantee you won’t leave hungry.