Hud Hud Luxury Desert Camps

Live the life of a nomad and explore Oman in the most unique way we know how, by crossing its mountains, deserts and beaches with Hud Hud. A collection of private luxury camps, they’ll take you through this enchanting country as they build a bespoke route from the desert up to take you into some of the most remote corners. From reclining on sand-moulded sofas on the shores of the Indian ocean to spontaneous Bedouin-style lunches in the Hajar Mountains; let Hud Hud take you on an Arabian adventure like no other.


The address is down to you at Hud Hud. Departing from the port of Muscat, just under half an hour’s drive from the airport, you can head off north on an off-road adventure or escape down south into an unknown corner. What awaits you here could be anything from the rolling sand dunes of Wahiba Sands, the unparalleled scenery and cooler temperatures of the secluded Hajar Mountains, the soft crashing of the waves at Khalouf and Bar al Hickman or the isolation of the Empty Quarter. Hud Hud is the perfect opportunity to carve your own path through Oman.


Hiding inside the gorgeous tents you’ll find mattress-topped beds, crisp cotton linens, feather pillows and traditional furnishings. Not content to leave it there, they each also feature an adjoining private bathroom tent, with a shower open to the starry skies above. Each luxury camp is reminiscent of a traditional Arabian campsite and sits around the focal point of the large majlis, decorated in traditional style with cushions, rugs, books, boules and board games. The perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon.


Beyond camping, Hud Hud will turn your wildest dreams into a real-life Arabian Nights experience. No matter where you lay your head that night, the sunset is never anything short of spectacular, flooding the landscapes in a golden glow before leaving just a flicker of candlelight in the inky night. Surrounded by Hud Hud’s unparalleled Arabian style, dinner will be served under the stars beside a crackling fire with an infusion of local flavours and styles.