Shangri-La Al Waha

Al Waha sits proudly along a private 500 metre beach and 124 acres of luscious, immaculately kept gardens. Twenty different restaurants can be found across the complex, so everyone will be well catered for come dinner time.


A man-made tunnel winds through the mountains to Al Waha ensuring total privacy despite Muscat International Airport being only 40 minutes away. This impressive piece of mountainside engineering makes for mesmerising views as you become fully ingrained within the stark contrasts of rugged mountains and the calm glistening Arabian Sea.


The Al Waha suites ooze authenticity and are inspired by the architecture of the Dhofari (the southern regions of Oman). With local artwork and the favoured rich, earthy tones popping up throughout the rooms, the beauty of ancient Omani architecture is accentuated and a really feeling of place is recognised. Neutral tones make for an undoubtedly tranquil environment, and makes the transition from rugged mountain to calming bedroom something of an artistic coincidence.


Black Tomato knows how much the little extras can turn a holiday from great to perfect, so it should come as no surprise that Shangri-La Al Waha is on the list of our favourite Omani hotels. Head out to the Daymaniyat Islands, approximately 1 hour aboard a private yacht from Al Waha. True to Omani form, idyllic clear waters and bright white sands dominate this extra piece of paradise. A brilliant spot for divers and snorkelers or those who just want to catch some rays. Al Waha is undoubtedly a diamond in the rough.

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