Bedouin camp

Stay with the ancient and nomadic Bedouin tribes, deep in the heart of Israel’s Negev Desert. Surrounded by serenely peaceful wilderness, this is an overnight experience like no other. You’ll be treated like royalty as the Bedouins feed, entertain and delight you with their delicious delicacies, cultural traditions and warm-hearted hospitality. The authentic atmosphere will have you enchanted, complete with a view of the camel snoozing in the sand beneath the giant orb of the moon, and a sky full of sparkling stars lighting your way for a unique and unbeatable midnight desert saunter.


You’ll be led to the Nomadic tribe’s location in the splendid seclusion of the Negev Desert by your expert local guide. Set beneath the relentless blue skies of day and star-filled shimmer of night, the Bedouins will be able to talk you through the astrology of the sky they sleep beneath every night. Despite being out in the wilderness, you’ll never be far from the amazing sights of the desert, including the Ramon Crater, the Negev’s black volcanoes, the ancient Nabatean cities carved into the rocks, and the historic Spices Route, all with the Negev Mountains towering in the distance. Not forgetting the wondrous and mystical Dead Sea nearby, with all its natural healing qualities.

Your room

In the main tent, you’ll be the recipient of the warm, open-hearted hospitality that is the cornerstone of Bedouin culture. Lounge on the hand-woven rugs and pillows, and breathe in the aromas of the brewing sweet tea and the authentic finjan of coffee bubbling in the corner. Tuck in to the traditional, delicious foods, delicately flavoured with the smells of Middle Eastern cuisine. Think freshly baked pita bread with houmous and tehina, followed by saffroned lamb with fragrant rice and potatoes, or traditional magluba – a hearty mixture of chicken, rice and vegetables. Indulge in juicy, sweet homemade baklava, washing it down with traditional sweet tea or delicious coffee. The sound of Bedouin flutes and drums will fill the background with their harmonious whistling and melodic tapping. Then sit back and absorb the incredible folktales of the Bedouins, giving you a unique insight into the life, culture and heritage of the Bedouin people before a midnight stroll beneath the star-filled night sky.

Sated with all the food, tea and talk you could want, you’ll be shown to your own private Bedouin tent. Decorated with ancient, traditional features like hand-stitched carpets and rugs, and brightly patterned comfy pillows, the indelible silence of the desert will ensure a serenely restful night’s sleep.

Why we like it

The exceptional Bedouin hospitality, great food, and the peaceful natural surroundings make this a special overnight experience. But what we absolutely love is the authentic and traditional atmosphere the Bedouins offer, while still championing luxury and spoiling you at every chance. The desert setting, traditional foods, and ancient songs and stories all combine to make a night with the Bedouins one you will never forget, and one that will open your eyes to an incredible and beautiful people.

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