Argos, Cappadocia

The unique and enchanting Argos, with its 51 rooms and suites, lies in the heart of cultural Cappadocia in central Turkey. Diligently restored from an ancient monastery, a series of mansions are tied together by a series of underground passageways with rooms revealing themselves in the style of traditional, yet luxurious cave dwellings. Sitting modestly atop tranquil Turkish foothills and framed by sunsoaked gardens, Argos reveals panoramic views and transports you back to the magic of Cappadocia’s past in utmost luxury.


Nestled high above the spiritual, old village of Uçhisar, Argos sits just a 30-minute drive from Nevşehir Cappadocia airport or, alternatively, an hour from Kayseri. Discover the Cappadocia plateau’s millennia-old rich heritage and enter a dream by visiting the Uçhisar Castle at the summit and enjoying breathtaking, mystical views over the region. You’ll be enthralled by nature at its purest as you gaze out on the mighty Mount Erciyes and the beautiful Pigeon Valley, scattered with its distinctive ‘fairy chimneys’.

Your room

The rooms and suites at Argos are nothing short of unique. You need only look to the Splendid Suites with their private in-room cave pools to know you have arrived somewhere special. Authentic, age-old stone surrounds are adorned with antique rugs and distinctive regional design touches with softly flickering fireplaces and candles bringing warmth and comfort. Spread throughout the monastery and its various mansions, no two rooms are the same yet within each, you’ll find the ideal ambience for a romantic getaway.

Why we like it

Take advantage of Argos’ unique history by journeying through the monastery’s underground web of 5.5km interconnected tunnels, where you’ll enter ancient cellars that are home to thousands of year old wines. Here you’ll be able to try some of the finest Anatolian wines with an exquisite wine-tasting experience – we loved the Kalecik Karasi. Dinner at Seki Restaurant is not to be missed either with its cuisine of regional Turkish dishes making the most of produce grown in the hotel’s own kitchen garden.