Nars Ilica

The story goes that an 18th century Ottoman leader fell in love with Ilica after experiencing a miraculous healing in its water. So he built himself a stunning home on the shore, which is now an exceptional boutique hotel.

The name, in case you’re wondering, comes from its theme of narcissism. A place totally devoted to self-indulgence and personal desire…what are you waiting for?


This rejuventated mansion, surrounded by Çeşme’s sublime bays, is a true gem on the Turkish coastline. There’s no wonder this long stretch of beach is the chosen playground for the local wealthy.

The warm, turquoise Aegan sea will enchant you immediately. And the breaking waves and summer breeze create a prime surfing spot, plus those romantic wind-in-your hair moments.

Your Room

This dream-like setting extends to your room too. The aesthetics are fresh and fabulous. There’s lots of light, white and hues of blue to match the water on the other side of the floaty linen curtains and French doors.

Your room is one of only eight and therefore full of individual adornments. One of the extra touches Nars provides is a “special” playlist that comes with your in-house ipod. But who’s listening to music when you have the sounds of the Aegan at your disposal.

Why We Like It

Eros, the god of love, is the hotel’s honorary patron and here you really can live like him. From organic food, to the natural hot spring water jacuzzi and specialised aromatherapy massage – Nars Ilicia not only allows, but encourages your ego to run wild with whatever it fancies. So embrace this rare opportunity and enjoy all the guilt-free pleasures on offer.

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