Majorelle Gardens

2-minute guide to the Majorelle Gardens of Marrakech

You’ve seen them on Instagram. Your friend said you simply had to go there. So what are the Majorelle Gardens? We’ve put together our quick take on one of Morocco’s most iconic monuments to 20th century culture.

The Majorelle Gardens, located outside of the historic core of Marrakech’s medina walls, are a two and a half acre botanical garden created by French artist Jacques Majorelle. Begun in 1912, the gardens feature a Cubist villa designed by Paul Sinoir which sits in the midst of a riot of scent and colour – from bushels of pink bougainvillea to bristling cacti.

Today, it’s mostly remembered as the house which fashion designers, business partners, and former lovers Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé purchased during the 1980s – working carefully to restore it over a number of years to its current, beguiling condition. The house itself is painted Majorelle Blue – a shade named after the garden’s founder. The partners could not conscience the garden becoming a hotel – and thus they ensured it would remain free and open, always, to the public. In a nod to the Berber community to whom they also felt a great attachment, the pair also founded a small – but fascinating – Berber Museum on the grounds.

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent in Dar Es Saada, Marrakech. Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris / Guy Marineau

(Image: Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris / Guy Marineau)

The space is open to the public throughout the year, and can easily be included in our luxury tours and holidays to this historic and culturally bustling city. In 2018, the YSL Museum was also opened to the public – adding further to the inextricable links between Saint Laurent, modern design, and Morocco.


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