5 facts about Colombia

Looking for a way to make those long Monday-minutes tick by a little faster? Then join us as we dip into some fun facts about Colombia; aside from making the day go faster, you’re sure to learn one or two new things about this Latin-American heartland too.


Colombia is the only country in South America to have both a Pacific and a Caribbean coastline. What’s more, Colombia offers explorers and beach-lovers of 300 sandy bays to choose from.


The works of Colombian-born Gabriel Garcia Marquez are the second biggest selling Spanish language books in the entire world. The first? God. (well, the bible…) Pretty impressive if we say so ourselves.


Colombia is officially a ‘Megadiverse’ country, and the most biodiverse country per square meter in the world. Just an example; there are more species of bird in Colombia than in all of Europe and North America combined.


Though the ruins of Machu Picchu are South America’s most famous ruins, Colombia’s ‘Lost City’ (Ciudad Perdida) is thought to predate it’s Peruvian counterpart by about 650 years.


The world’s most colourful river is located in Colombia. During the wet and dry seasons, when the temperature and climate is just right, various shades of algae and colourful moss float to the surface of the Cano Cristales, making it a multi-coloured feast for the eyes.