Honeymoons and Italy, a match made in heaven

What better place to revel in your newly wedded loved up stupor than one of the most romantic locations on earth? Renowned for its great wine, classic cuisine and gorgeous weather, Italy provides an idyllic backdrop to that first getaway as man and wife. With so much on offer, it can be difficult to avoid the pre-holiday hoo-ha that so often occurs when planning your dream honeymoon.

Venice, does anywhere no romance more?

Seductively romantic and inescapably stunning, Venice is considered one of the most romantic cities on earth and it is easy to see why.

From its beautiful waterways to its awe inspiring architecture, romance truly is around every corner. Enjoy a peaceful gondola trip through the historic water ways surrounded by alluring renaissance and baroque buildings. Then hand in hand with your partner take a stroll through the hidden streets and squares towards the San Polo district where you can find one of the greatest gothic churches in the city, the Church of the Frari.

When your inquisition turns to hunger, take your partner to enjoy some Venetian gourmet cuisine. Although specialising in seafood, Venice offers a fabulous pallet to choose from.

Picturesque Piedmont

Many a romantic novel alludes to the rolling emerald green hills of Italy’s north-west wine country. Rolling green hills covered in grape and olive trees flow effortlessly into the horizon, the sea of green only broken by the occasional Cascina cottage.

From famous footballers to Fiats, Turin is the heart of the Piedmont Region offering you elegant palaces and echoes of Vienna. Full of elegance and sophistication, a purveyor of slow delicious food and the ideal location for the wine connoisseurs among us, the Piedmont region is the perfect destination for your first adventure as a newlywed couple.

Rome, home to the world’s most famous civilisation

Home to some of the most iconic monuments in the world such as The Colosseum, The Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica to name a few – The Eternal City is the dream location for you to embark on your honeymoon.

Retreat to the luxurious Villa Spillatti Trivelli away from the hustle and bustle of Rome, but not too far to enjoy the spectacular views that Rome has to offer. Rome provides you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy La Dolce Vita lifestyle with your partner with a plethora of chic boutiques to immerse yourself in.

Famous for its magnificent array of cuisine coalescing romantic Al Fresco settings and outstanding food, we have no doubt that Rome will provide you with an ample amount of romance for your excursion. With an unbeatable artistic heritage, five star wining and dining, and enough gelato to share with your partner for the rest of time what more could you want from a Honeymoon in the Eternal City.

Florence, art’s spiritual home

The Birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence epitomizes five star luxury romance. Stay in the stupendous Villa Cora which is nestled in the hills just south of this enchanting city which allows you to explore and discover the beauties that Florence has to offer during the day and then return to the tranquillity of the Italian countryside for the evenings.

Florence oozes romance with the picturesque River Arno flowing through this scintillating city, and for ultimate romance we recommend you take a hike at sunset up to Piazzale Michelangelo to soak in the panoramic views of Florence. Rich in culture, embraced by history and defined by its art and food, there is no wonder that the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the perfect destination for you and you partner to begin your new life together.

The astounding Amalfi Coast

Deemed the most beautiful stretch of coastline that Italy has to offer, filled with turquoise waters and some of the most luxurious hotels that Italy has, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for couples looking for a lavishly relaxing honeymoon.

One of the best kept secrets in the Amalfi Coast is the Casa Angelina which blends subtly into the sheer cliffs promising their guests a home away from home atmosphere with unparalleled views of the sea and the surrounding mountains.

With a superfluity of chic boutiques, undisturbed sunny days and unblemished waters, the Amalfi Coast is the dream location for a honeymoon filled with relaxation and rejuvenation.