Ice climbing in Iceland

Ice Climbing and Glacier Hiking Adventures in Iceland

The glaciers of Iceland – majestic, ancient, and monumental – offer a true adventure playground for those who want to experience the country’s wilder side. We’ve put together our insider’s guide to the best ice climbing and glacier hiking that Iceland has to offer; from the black sands of the country’s south to its mesmerizing northern Troll Peninsula.

Ice Climbing up Iceland’s Glaciers

Iceland’s glaciers are unique – having been formed under gigantic volcanic pressures that have left them marked with deep veins of black volcanic ash. Their ripped, sculpted shape – and vibrant teal blue hue – makes it seem more like a frozen ocean than a river. Our guides and climbing experts will set you up with the equipment, experience, and routes to best tackle these most ancient of natural wonders. Vatnajökull glacier – mounted with crampons, harnesses, and ice-axes – is one of the best ice climbing experiences that the island has to offer. You’ll feel truly at the top of the world.

To try a different tack, the ice climbing available on Iceland’s Sólheimajökull glacier is a truly out of this world experience – giving full reign to your inner explorer, while offering a landscape quite different from that of Vatnajökull. A test for your physical endurance, this powerful experience is absolutely unlike climbing on conventional rock faces.

What’s more, the stunning, moss-coated structure of Deplar Farm hotel also provides the perfect base from which to launch your ice-climbing excursion, as well as to rope on a variety of other extreme experiences – from wildlife spotting to heli-skiing and snowmobiling. Its specialism is in the most over-the-top adventures.

Ice climbing adventures in Iceland
Ice climbing experiences in Iceland

Hiking across Iceland’s immense glaciers

Hiking across these great, icy behemoths is patient yet rewarding work. Conveniently, however, Iceland’s south coast – home to the Sólheimajökull glacier – is ideally located within driving distance of Reykjavik. It also happens to be in some of the best territory to catch the Northern Lights. Our luxury, expert ice climbing tours on Iceland’s south coast will offer you the chance to see the country literally from the ground up.

Part of the broader Myrdalsjökull, Iceland’s fourth largest glacier (and perhaps most beautiful), this prehistoric slab of slowly inching ice covers the body of the infamous Katia volcano. Within only an hour hiking across its gnarled and uneven face, you’ll be confronted with some of the most rewarding views on the entire island.


Whenever the time of year or the experience you’re looking for, our trips to Iceland cover everything mentioned here and much more.