The best dive sites in the Philippines

Some of nature’s most vibrant natural wonders are actually found below our crystal blue waters, and with over 2,200 types of fish swimming amongst the Filipino Islands, you can be sure you’re in the best diving region in the world. But with over 7000 islands making up the ‘coral triangle’, you might begin to feel overwhelmed with where to go. That’s where Black Tomato comes in. We’ve fished out five of our favourite diving spots for you to sink into. Take note and enjoy.

Apo Island

Not only is it the stunning rock formations, white sands and luscious greenery that should attract you to Apo Island, but also its incredible diving spots. Just off the coast of Negros Oriental, this protected diving destination is home to 650 marine species and over 400 species of coral. You’ll really have to see it to believe the depth and colour of this underwater Eden. Be sure to swim down to Baluarte’s volcanic spot where you’ll discover bubbles erupting from the sand, and head over to Rock Point West for Giant Turtle encounters.

Anilao – Cathedral rock

Just a two hour drive from Manila and you’ve entered a diver’s paradise. Cathedral Rock is one of the most talked about diving spots in the Philippines and we can see why. Thousands of colourful fish species envelop the coral as you dive down into the roofless rocky cave. Here you can see the magnificent parrot fish swim along with its neon pink scales amongst the famously placed cross, marking the birth of this beautiful reef. This marine hotspot can be enjoyed by divers of all levels, and for those feeling a little adventurous, Cathedral Rock also offers enchanting night scene diving.

Beatrice rock – Sombrero island

For those who enjoy the wonders of Anilao, we have one more stop-off for you to add to your trip. Sombrero Island is famous for its hat like landscape and an abundance of coral brimming with sea life. Descend down the sandy slopes and make your way into marine caves as you try and spot the camouflaged scorpion fish, or simply watch the sea life circle their much loved reef retreat. Beatrice Rock is also a very popular destination for  budding photographers wanting to capture the vibrant marine life on offer.

Yapack Boracay

If any of you are remotely familiar with the beautiful islands of the Philippines you will be aware of the wonders of Boracay. One of Black Tomato’s favourite paradisical Islands, it’s also home to Yapack diving spots one and two. The beautiful blue descent down the popular Yapak two gets your heart pumping, eager to find the coral wall bustling with sea life. From floating rays to hundreds of darting tuna, you won’t know where to look. Home to a strong current, this is a spot for the more experienced divers.