A Guide to Winifred Beach, Jamaica

On the Easternmost side of Jamaica, Winifred Beach definitely comes high in the ‘picture postcard’ category. A short walk through the tropical rainforest, twirling vines and rocky roads and you’ll emerge on a breath-taking beach with fine white sands and mesmerising blue waters.

winifred beach_jamaica2
winifred beach_jamaica_BEST OF JAMAICA

What you’ll do

Such a beautiful spot begs for just one thing; a lazy day swaying in your hammock, as you become part of the idyllic beach scene. Let Mother Nature do the talking as you sit back and  watch the world go by in this Caribbean Eden. Every moment here is about simplicity and natural beauty.

Why we like it

At Winifred beach, it’s all about untouched beauty and community. One of the only free public beaches in Portland, this bay is adored by locals and given the most attentive care, leaving you with a beach of utter beauty.