Checking out Jordan’s iconic ancient wonders with local historian, Amer Nizami

Can you imagine growing up with ancient ruins as your playground? What our team discovered on our recent trip to Jordan is that what makes visiting these ancient sites so special is the stories told by the locals who live and breathe their heritage. Centuries upon centuries of ineffable history are written into Jordan’s architecture. From Petra’s rock-hewn tombs to Amman’s Citadel, relics from the past continue to cut across Jordan’s cities and landscapes, oblivious to the modern world moving on around it.

In this video we talk to Amer Nizami, a historian and local guide, to take you on a true passage of time as he shares his views on Jordan’s iconic ancient wonders and what they mean to the people of Jordan today.

There’s a magic in these places. You can feel the history as you trace the Roman chariot marks in the pavements of Jerash, frozen in jagged shapes by the ancient earthquake that toppled the city. Or when you follow the footsteps of Bedouin tribesman into Petra’s winding siq, to rediscover the majestic city and caves where their ancestors were born and raised.