Jordan’s Timeless Landscapes

Wild. Red. Stark. Striking—Jordan’s red-rock deserts are timeless in their ability to awe. But there’s far more to Jordan than just sand and stone, as our team discovered. In this next video in our Jordan series, we’ll show you how Jordan’s landscapes don’t just paint one image. They offer a mosaic of different colours and dimensions.

Drifting above Wadi Rum’s vermilion red desertscapes is one of our favourite Jordan experiences. But this was just the beginning of our trip. One that took us hiking through crisp evergreen forests in Ajloun, floating down the Mujib canyon and diving beneath sapphire seas in Aqaba where we were met with fish and coral in a rainbow of hues. From the lowest point on earth to the highest peak—we realised this is a place full of colour and life.

It’s time to look beyond Jordan’s red plains and discover the lush and wildlife-rich landscapes that you don’t know about—because they’re just as exhilarating. Just as beautiful. And just as mesmerising as its timeless red sands.