Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco, Atlas Mountains

Experience Morocco’s Atlas Mountains from the palatial peace of Kasbah Tamadot

The Shareef does like it.

Miles away from the slew of Virgin trains that ply their way up and down the UK, Richard Branson’s 28-bedroom Kasbah Tamadot – a palatial hotel located high in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains – affords some of the most luxurious living in the entire country. With views over the black-grey peak of Mount Toubkal, Kasbah offers an authentic slice of Moroccan mountain life which can form the keystone of a desert-focused foray into the country’s breathtaking interior – a region our Travel Experts and guides know like nowhere else on earth. Find out more about these itineraries, and the hotel itself, below. Or watch our brand new video.

What can I expect at Kasbah Tamadot?

This sprawling, walled complex is formed of calm courtyards, beckoning arches, landscaped gardens, and breathtaking views. From private, sunken jacuzzis to meandering hallways, the Kasbah serves up a much-needed palette-cleanser after the bustle and boisterousness of Marrakech, where many of our Moroccan journeys begin. The air is scented with mint, sweet dates, and sesame. It’s a kind of time-travel.

The architectural form of this gold-red ‘palace’ owes its roots to the one-time Berber kingdom of Mauretania, which dates back to 110 BCE. At that time, earth and mud brick were used to create internally cool and externally defensive buildings, such as those seen at the city of Aït Benhaddou: an ighrem (or fortified village) located along a former caravan route of the Sahara. Kasbah Tamadot takes these styles and dials them up to 11, with sumptuous decorations, rich carpets, and opulent furnishings. It is both functional and unbelievably eye-catching.

Let us take you into the Atlas Mountains

Our bells-and-whistles Morocco itinerary has the Kasbah as its conclusion. First, however, you’ll wind up the Mountains by 4×4; stopping at Imlil – a small and bucolic place – for a trek into a Berber village, where you’ll enjoy lunch with the locals and learn more about Moroccan mountain life and the foundations of Berber culture.

Many also know this place as a stopping-off-point for the ascent up Jebel Toubkal; North Africa’s tallest mountain. Come spring, the foothills and ravines are thick with flowers and greenery, the sky clear and endless. The peak itself is considered ultra prominent, and can even be seen from Marrakech itself. If you’re keen to climb this black-and-white behemoth (it’s of moderate difficulty), then our Travel Experts are on hand to offer advice and to plan your adventure. Drop them a line today.

From Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains, let us be your guide across North Africa’s most stimulating country.


Beyond the Kasbah

After your sumptuous stay amongst the walls and shaded gardens of Kasbah Tamadot, we can arrange sky-scraping hot air balloon rides over the red-hued mountains; camel treks across the Saharan dunes; and visits to the settlements of Sefrou and Bhalil. Here you’ll savour lunch in local restaurants, visit traditional artisans, and enjoy a foray into Fez. In this bright city, you’ll visit the home of Islam at Moulay Idriss, sample local honey, spices and bread at the medina, and soak up the opulence at the country’s finest riad – Riad Fes.

What should I know before I go?

  • All of our trips are bespoke. If you want to stay at Kasbah Tamadot then we can build your itinerary entirely around it; whether you climb Toubkal or spend your days in the souks and medinas of Marrakech.

  • You can dial up and dial down the adventure for each of our trips. And we can work around the varying needs of your family or group, too. So if there’s one adrenaline-junkie among you, we can fix them up with treks and expeditions while the rest enjoy the more tranquil side of life.

  • We love to pair destinations together. To experience the historic spread of Islamic culture across Africa and Europe, you can link Morocco with Portugal or Spain. Find out more here.