Our Top 10 Surf Spots

The swell is pumping, boards are strapped to the roof, but Newquay’s packed and no-one wants to wrestle for a wave.

Worry not, we’ve compiled our top ten surf spots just for you and in true Black Tomato style it’s not quite your average wave list. From the old classics to some more unexpected waves, we’ve done our best to inspire you to get off the sun lounger and into the water somewhere new. So whether you’re a big wave adrenaline junkie or you prefer a cruisy afternoon on a longboard, have a flick through this list and find one that suits you.

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

With a reputation for being one of the World’s most dangerous waves, Pipeline is a must for those more thrill seeking surfers who might also fancy a little trip to paradise. Best on a mid-sized West or North-West swell; Pipeline draws quite an audience so if performing to a crowd isn’t your thing paddling out here might not be for you. Be sure to check the weather, as Kona winds from the South can really affect the quality of the surf along this stretch of coast.

2. Carrapateira, Portugal

This secluded surf spot in Portugal provides a decent, uncrowded wave. With a left-hand break that can reach up to three metres on a good day, Carrapateira is considered to be one of the better spots in Europe for a hassle free session. Fly into Faro and within 80 kilometres you’ll be on the beach and ready to go. Plus there’s a nudey beach just a short stroll away…

3. Killer Point, Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout in Morocco has become famous for having some of the most consistent world class surfing conditions. Typically better between September and April when big storms create swell in the North Atlantic, Killer Point is a favourite among local and not so local surfers. Named due to the annual migration of Killer Whales, long and fast barrels combined with a long wave period, Killer Point is a must for any new surfer looking to perfect their technique.

4. Medewi Beach, Bali, Indonesia

A little more touristy here, for anyone who likes to be surrounded by the convenience of hotel bars and restaurants after a session, Medewi is one of Bali’s best spots. Good waves and beautiful beaches means crowds, so it’s best to get in an early morning surf to avoid any unwanted traffic. Light winds and a 4-6 foot swell, Medewi has got all bases covered.

5. Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong

Big wave by name but certainly not by nature. This is a more family friendly addition to the list and probably seems criminal to any regular surfers out there but hear me out. Picnic on the beach, sun on your back, little ones learning to surf…Big wave bay is the perfect learner spot for children, just a $20 taxi ride from Hong Kong airport and as safe as they come.

6. Chicama, Peru

Chicama has before been stated as the longest left in the world. With tradewinds that keep wind offshore most days and exposure to south swells in the summer and north swells in the winter, this level of consistency is rarely found. So if there is a little bit of adventure somewhere inside you, pack your bags and head to the Andes.

7. Bundoran, Ireland, UK

Get your wetsuits out for this one. It’s not the most tropical of destinations but Bundoran tops the chart for charm.  With mysterious green waters and steady waves, only the toughest of surfers would slip on their neoprene and brave the cold. Also home to the Sea Sessions festival in June, Bundoran is the perfect road trip destination for UK surf junkies.

8. Santa Cruz, California

Home to the very first board surfing in North America, Santa Cruz’s breaks are perfect for beginners all the way to pro-riders. This really needs little description, if you’re in Cali and you fancy a session, Santa Cruz is the way to go. Cowell’s Beach is particularly perfect for longboarding if you’re looking for a cruisy afternoon.

9. Jeffereys Bay, South Africa

The most legendary right-hand point break on Earth. Famously not crowded, perhaps due to its controversial history, Jeffreys bay was stumbled upon by accident…but what a stumble that was. Off-shore winds and 3 foot barrels are regular visitors, just make sure you jump out before sundown, people might be scarce but sharks are aplenty.

10. Dolfinarium Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hilton Beach is favoured by many of the world’s surfers as the best break in Tel Aviv. Waves generally break wide and regularly, although with a rocky outcrop for a beach to navigate, this particular spot is for seasoned surfers only. Dolfinarium Beach is a little more user friendly, a few miles North from Hilton and with a gentle break closer to the shore, these ankle snappers are perfect for beginners and children.