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We’re a curious bunch at Black Tomato; always looking to rediscover classic destinations from exciting and alternative perspectives – as well as tapping into those captivating unearthed corners of the globe. And that’s precisely why we’ve turned our eye to four breath-taking destinations: Romania, Armenia, Senegal, and Poland. It’s our hope that the luxury travel experiences to be discovered here will spark our travellers’ curiosity – taking them beyond the ordinary. Up close. In wonder.

Connecting you with real people and places, our luxury trips are far from cookie-cutter – quite the opposite, in fact. So whether you’re horseback riding through the rolling hills of Transylvania, taking a historian-guided Silk Road stroll in Armenia, surfing off the coast of Dakar, or tasting your way through Warsaw’s up-and-coming culinary scene – we’ll take you on an unfiltered and truly immersive adventure. It’s what we do.


Discover Romania’s untouched wilderness

Boasting multiple UNESCO World Heritage sites (nine and counting), Romania is in fact the most bio-geographically diverse country in the EU, and one of the best places in Europe to go wildlife watching – for those in the know. But that’s not all. Home to Bram Stoker’s Dracula (in actuality, Vlad the Impaler), the historical region of Transylvania is steeped in an extraordinarily rich history – and you’ll not want to miss it.

In the past, a lack of luxury lodging options has made Transylvania cumbersome for some travellers, but now that has changed. Staying in a fully refurbished new luxury manor house – you’ll find yourself surrounded by pure wilderness and picturesque medieval buildings. All that’s left to do is explore. And how you do it is up to you. Whether you wish to horseback ride through endless meadows and forest trails or cycle alongside majestic mountains and fairy-tale villages – you’ll meet local artisans and sample flavourful food along the way.

To experience the truly wondrous wildlife here, our travellers will hike the Carpathians – a place so isolated there’s no cell phone reception – to truly disconnect and experience nature as untouched as it comes. Here, you’ll spot everything from bears and bison to deer and foxes, all in their natural habitat – along with countless birds and flowers every step of the way. Keep your eyes peeled. And your cameras ready.

Luxury holidays in Armenia
lake sevan armenia

Uncover the secrets of the Silk Road in Armenia

Ancient in its roots and curiously modern in its outlook, Armenia is a compact mystery, right on the edge of Europe. Teeming with glittering ice-cold lakes, gold-domed churches, and an enchanting pink-stoned capital – this is a country that is firing up the minds and imaginations of travellers, ourselves included.

Tracing the mutual influences of East and West on Armenia’s culture, here you’ll find yourself on a journey to the historic terminus of the iconic Silk Road. On an expert-led private adventure, you’ll walk in the footsteps of traders and missionaries, soaking up the cultural history of this ancient trading route.

For those seeking more historic treasures, Armenia’s architectural marvels are waiting to be explored. From the Sevanavank Monastery to the spectacular views of Mount Ararat from the 17th-century Khor Virap, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Next up, we’ll take you freshwater fishing on one of the greatest freshwater mountain lakes of Eurasia, Lake Sevan, before you witness the soothing tone of local singers echoing through the stone walls of a tenth-century monastery.

Intrigued? Pulsating with a refreshing culture-shock you wouldn’t expect to find on the edge of a so well-travelled Europe, we see big things for Armenia. Pairing perfectly with its neighbour, Georgia, we’ve curated a luxury trip combining the best of Georgia and Armenia here. Completely bespoke, of course.

Luxury holidays in Senegal

Experience the rhythmic beats of Senegal

West Africa is certainly a far less-explored corner of the globe – and all the more enticing because of it. One of our bespoke luxury trips to Senegal will see you uncovering the heritage, nature, vibrant music and art scene of this tantalizing destination.

Music is deeply ingrained within the rhythm of daily life in Senegal, with the country playing host to internationally renowned music events, including Abéné Drumming Festival and the Senegal Jazz Festival. And with music comes dance. Here, you’ll take to the floor in a private beguine class; a slow yet spirited dance with rhumba influences, it’s set to get your hips moving. And your heartbeats racing.

Taking you on a journey through authentic Senegalese culture, our expert guides will bring you through the sprawling ‘Sacred Forests’ in Casamance, exploring hidden adobe villages and the uniquely-shaped baobab forests. Next, delve into the complex history of Senegal, visiting French colonial Saint Louis and the harrowing slave trade post on Gorée Island. After unravelling the mysteries of a voodoo temple, you’ll see the ritualistic performance of masked dancers, storytelling to enchanting songs. We’ll then slow the tempo with a private surf lesson along the coast of Dakar or take you across the border to Guinea-Bissau’s picturesque Bijagós archipelago for island hopping and wildlife spotting. The choice is yours.

krakow poland
Luxury holidays in Poland

Explore Poland’s captivating history

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, Poland is a destination that has experienced an immense transformation over the past thirty years. Brimming with fascinating history and Jewish heritage, there’s plenty to experience – from 13th-century Wieliczka Salt Mine to heart-breaking Auschwitz.

Here, Catholic heritage and Soviet modernism sit comfortably side-by-side, with Catholic reliquary processions passing gleaming ultra-luxury hotels and hipsters sipping flat whites as buskers play Chopin. Krakow’s Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture is evocative of Prague, while Warsaw’s fascinating broad avenues and monumental buildings reflect the country’s Communist past.

But it’s not all about the cities here – the countryside is also perfect for exploring. From the alluring snow-capped mountains of Zakopane in the south to the Baltic beaches in the North. And if that wasn’t tempting enough, then the up-and-coming Polish food scene is a standpoint alone.

And let’s not forget the excellent transport links which connect Poland comfortably and quickly with its neighbours: including Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and Germany.

With the help of our expert historians to get you delving deep beneath the fascinating layers of Polish history and unveiling the best that modern Poland has to offer – we’ll help you discover the marvels of this often overlooked, yet truly enchanting country.

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