What to see and do in Lake Titicaca

Welcome to the world’s highest, most navigable lake

Stretching across the borders of Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is located in the heights of the Andes mountains. Said to be the birthplace of the Inca – whose ruins still litter its shores – the lake today is home to indigenous, UNESCO-protected communities and is surrounded by the Titicaca National Reserve. A haven for wildlife, humans and flora, this should be an essential component in your journey across Peru. Luckily, we’ve been perfecting our activities and tours of Lake Titicaca since 2005. We’ve swum it; kayaked across it; and navigated its shores in traditional balsa boats.

And now it’s your turn.

What follows is our guide to what you can see, do and experience while visiting the region – and how Black Tomato can help you to get the most out of this stunning body of water.

Lake Titicaca, Peru
Lake Titicaca floating island

Our luxury tours in Lake Titicaca

Since 2005, we’ve worked with our local guides and partners on the ground in Peru to make sure that our travellers – people like you – have the best possible experience when visiting. Our luxury, expert-guided Lake Titicaca tours are a product of these years of work. We’ve paddled, walked, talked, and broken bread with the people who actually live on this magnetic, enervating body of water.

More than 150 villages line the waters of Lake Titicaca. No two are the same. And these communities have sought to protect their way of life; fishing from boats of balsa. Managing their waters through ancient, customary laws. Times have changed. But the way of life has carried on undimmed.

Where to visit in Lake Titicaca

With more than 150 villages around the lake, including larger destinations like Puno, it can be difficult to decide where to go and where to avoid.

Long-standing traditions and modern innovations. You can expect both. In Puno, you’ll tour the traditional markets – picking up that very a la mode llama-wool poncho. From the environs of Titilaka Lodge you’ll push out by boat to explore the Uros Floating Islands, learning about the native communities who live here – and the heritage which they hold so close. We’ll introduce you, through our guides, to the Taquile and Copamaya communities, made famous for their age-old weaving traditions that go back to the Aymara civilization. This is a very rare and privileged opportunity to experience Peru at its most authentic, bright, and vibrant.

Elsewhere, places such as the historic temples of the Isla de la Luna, the Strait of Tiquina, and the unique homestays of isla Uros each offer unique ways to enjoy the calm, otherworldly surrounds of this eye-opening world. Others will prefer to rely on their guide’s more immediate recommendations, where a short journey by boat or foot can bring you into contact with crumbling churches, Inca ruins, desolate stretches of altiplano, and pet-tame llamas grazing quietly while their Campesinos (farmers) get down to work.

Read more: We’ll arrange for you to meet with a local shamam and get an insight into the Incan history.

Where to stay in Lake Titicaca

We’d never recommend simply passing through. This is a truly astounding area in its size and scale, justifying as many as several days amongst the floating islands, crumbling ruins, and patient waters. While Lake Titicaca homestays are becoming increasingly popular, our heart has always been set on the beautiful Titilaka Lodge.

This exhileratingly modern, tranquil space has 18 exclusive rooms. The lodge’s mission is to immerse you in rustic Peruvian culture. Stylish, natural tones and verandas situated on the very edge of the waters will help you to slow down and absorb this majestic place. The lodge is also incredibly well-positioned to hook you up with requests and excursions around the area. Remote, relaxing, and with fantastic expeditions on offer.

These include trekking the Colla Trail and cycling the Plateria fields to rowing and kayaking Lake Titicaca. Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll be able to visit the ‘Pink City’ of Lampa, the Chullpas of Sillustani and the Copamaya weaving community for that exhilarating slice of culture; not to mention all the beautiful birdlife you’ll observe around the area.

Stay here: And take in the panoramic lake views on our 13-night cultural tour through the depths of Peru.

Our Lake Titicaca top tips

Tom, our Peru Travel Expert, has travelled to Lake Titicaca countless times over the years. For him, these are the three most important things to bear in mind:

Must do: Go in search of Inca ruins and temples. This was their heartland, and they very much left their marks on this wonderful place.

Must visit: The Copamaya weaving community. It’s the best and most immersive way to learn more about traditional Peruvian culture.

Must stay: At Titikaka Lodge and enjoy sunrise and sunset on the outdoor verandas.

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