Casa Fantini, Lake Orta

For those moments where you’ve dreamed of a private getaway on the shores of the Italian lakes, Casa Fantini has the answer. On the picturesque shores of Lake Orta, this 11-room boutique hotel instantly puts you at ease with a design that embraces both you and your surroundings. You’re made to feel at home with intimate light-filled spaces, refined traditional cooking and manicured gardens that tumble into the lake. All this serenity revolves around a concept of Lake Time. Allow the shifting light and the serene waters to set the pace as you slip off your watch and feel your stresses fade.


Contemporary Casa Fantini sits alongside the historic rooftops of Pella in a shoreline of balanced elegance which fuses past and present. Overlooking the enigmatic Isola San Giulio, the location is one that promises both romance and exploration. Just an hour from Milan, you’ll go from vibrant streets to tranquil waters in no time.

Your Room

The 11 rooms of Casa Fantini are deliberately minimalist with floor to ceiling windows instead keeping your focus on the lake views beyond. Natural materials contrast with chrome and glass which in turn reflect the colours of the lake such that, come sunset, the rooms are flooded by this spellbinding landscape. We loved the suites, which take up a whole floor of the old building each. However every room offers a private oasis, with Turkish baths in the bathrooms and private terraces outside.

Why we like it

Casa Fantini truly feels like home. A stylish home, perhaps, but home nonetheless. The 11 bedrooms mean its a perfect option for gathering friends and family and taking the whole place to yourself. With the garden swimming pool and spacious main lounge, there’s plenty of space to relax. Then, when it comes to entertaining, delight in the culinary creations of the Dining Room where seasonal menus draw on local specialties and culinary traditions. One thing we could eat time and again however? Those fresh-baked madeleines at breakfast.