Promised Land Resort, Taiwan

The Promised Land Resort is a grand hotel located on 250 hectares of Hualien countryside. The resort has successfully combined the natural beauty of the area by landscaping large lagoons, a forest of palms and exotic fauna within its grounds. So relax amongst the beautiful surroundings, unwind in the spa or swim laps in the pool: this is the perfect pit stop after a day’s adventure on the East Coast of Taiwan.


The Promised Land Resort is located in the Xofen, Hualien. It’s an hours drive from Taroko Gorge and the Jade Mountain National Park.

Your room

You have the choice between three types of rooms, all of which have hints of, not Asian, but rustic Spanish charm which works brilliantly with the tropical climate and green landscapes. The Flamenco Room features burgundy red terracotta tiles, earthy colour interiors, gypsy pottery and hardwood furniture. The Isabella Room is complete with gorgeous four poster beds, traditional Spanish quilts and golden hues. And for the bold, hole up in the Antonio room where spears, large treasure chests and bronze have finished off the room.

Why we like it

The Promised Land Resort provides the perfect location for a bit of respite after all your wild adventures in Taroko Gorge or Jade Mountain National Park. The tranquil landscapes and the five star amenities of the hotel just add to the ambience of the hotel and make its that much easier to unwind and relax. We love how the resort has broken the boundary and gone for a Spanish twist to their interiors, making your stay in Taiwan a unique one.