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These iconic children’s films inspired us to travel the world

What follows is a slightly sappy cliche, but we’re standing by it: a good film feeds the imagination and makes us curious about what’s over the horizon. Maybe that’s most true when we’re young.

Because everyone at Black Tomato was (1) once a kid and (2) loves a good movie, we asked the team which children’s films inspired them to travel when they were growing up, and how—as a company—we’ve tried to recreate that sense of awe and wonder in our itineraries today.

So grab some popcorn and turn off your phone. Unless you’re using it to read this, of course.


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Sunil: for The Jungle Book go to Madhya Pradesh, India

Rudyard Kipling’s story for adventurous kids has been adapted for the big screen several times. The foot-tapping 1967 Disney version made Sunil want to live with the bears and the elephants in India. Set in Madhya Pradesh, a place where jungles and national parks meet the 10th century Hindu and Jain temples of Khajuraho, the film isn’t far removed from reality. To honour the book, we’ve created this eye-opening family safari adventure right in the heart of things; where you’ll receive expert guidance as you travel to two of India’s most spectacular wildlife parks (Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park) on a quest to spot Bengal tigers, leopards, and elephants. This is book-ended with a sumptuous stay at the Imperial in New Delhi.

Rob: for Ice Age go to Antarctica

“It’s a shame we can’t travel back in time” muses Rob, our Antarctica Travel Expert. But what we do have is this truly eye-opening adventure to Antarctica – a place as close to 2002’s Ice Age as you’re likely to find anywhere else on earth. Unlike traditional voyages to the ‘White Continent’, we’ll fly you directly across Drake’s Passage – saving three arduous days of journeying in the process. This means you can spend more time penguin spotting from the deck of the sumptuously appointed luxury vessel, the Magellan Explorer. You’ll have to imagine the woolly mammoths.

Alys: for The Karate Kid go to Japan (by way of LA)

“Ok, I know The Karate Kid isn’t set in Japan” explains Alys, our Japan Travel Expert. “But the film opened my mind to Japanese culture and its global influence, even though it’s a somewhat silly comedy film.” That’s why we created a martial arts-inspired Japanese itinerary that goes right back to the source. Here, you’ll spend time at one of Tokyo’s most famous dojos to learn the art of the Ninja – from its spiritual underpinnings to the weapons and techniques that made the Ninja world-famous. You’ll learn about your ‘inner eye,’ practice stealthy movement and handle throwing stars and blowpipes.

Tom: for Indiana Jones go to Jordan

In 1989, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark introduced many to the glories of Petra. Seeing Indiana storm the historic ‘Treasury’ building certainly stirred Tom’s desire to journey to Jordan. “I’d never seen anything like it. And to discover that it wasn’t a film set – that it’s a real place. That was amazing to me.” It’s fitting, then, that we’ve created our own Indiana Jones-inspired Jordan adventure, where you’ll cap things off with a rare candlelit tour of Petra by night, while Bedouin tribesmen play music around you. Make sure you pick the right drinking cup.

Luca: for Madagascar go to… Madagascar

Way back in 2005, Madagascar opened Luca’s eyes to this small, unexplored island. “The film actually made the island’s lemurs famous.” Our animal-focused forays into this shimmering, exotic island will also introduce you to its other wild inhabitants, from comet moths to peculiar owls and brightly-coloured chameleons. “The landscapes are truly otherworldly. But they’re also home to 5% of the world’s total wildlife.” And that, we think, is a perfect reason to journey there (as are the luxurious eco-lodges and untapped beaches).


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