A Guide to Laughing Waters, Jamaica

Sometimes we want stretches of golden sands with the buzz of beach bars, and other times, a quiet cove. Luckily, Jamaica offers both.

Laughing waters has to be one of our favourite spots for an exclusive beach retreat, with its rock pools, bowing palms, and shallow waters. Made famous in 1962 by none other than Sean Connery in the first-ever James Bond film Dr No, the beach has become a hit amongst many jet setters. Here, you can sneak off when no one is looking and you’re guaranteed a bit of peace wherever you end up. What’s more, it’s just a 20-minute drive from Ocho Rios, so when you’re ready to swap this secluded hideaway for the livelier side of Jamaican culture, you can. That’s why our Jamaica Travel Expert Camilla holds this place so dear, there are so many sides to this captivating country.

The soundtrack to beach life in Laughing Waters – Moon Hop by Derrick Morgan

In this guide we’ll be talking about:
Where is Laughing Waters
What to do in Laughing Waters
What else is nearby
Where to stay

Laughing Waters Beach, Jamaica
Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

Where is Laughing Waters?

Laughing Waters is located on the north coast of Jamaica, just a 20-minute drive east from the port town of Ocho Rios. The appeal to Jamaica’s north coast is evident as soon as you head up from Kingston and the Blue Mountains, passing by gorgeous mangrove forests, white-powder beaches, and rolling waterfalls.

What can I do at Laughing Waters?

Laughing Waters is all about peace and tranquillity. Lay your beach blanket on the sun-drenched sand, lie back and listen to the waters lap on the fine shells, or lose yourself in a good book. It’s relatively untouched here, so give us the nod and we’ll arrange a gourmet hamper full of delicious food and drinks for you to sit and enjoy in peace. There’s also a cocktail bar within a stones throw for those who’d like to sip on a rum punch.

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What else is nearby?

As you make your way to Laughing Waters by foot, you’ll pass Dunn’s River Falls – a stunning rocky waterfall that people travel from far and wide to see. You’ll follow the water’s path down the rocks (while many clamber in the opposite direction, as they tackle the Dunns River climbing challenge), until it cascades out onto the beach and down to the Caribbean ocean below.

GoldenEye in Jamaica

Where can I stay near Laughing Waters?

Just an eight-minute drive from GoldenEye resort in Oracabessa, lies one of our favourite hotels in Jamaica. Keeping with the Bond theme of course, GoldenEye is also the former home of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, so naturally, there’s lots to learn about whilst staying here. Hidden amongst vibrant tropical vegetation, with its own private beach and lagoon, GoldenEye charms guests with its secluded location and charming decor. In the evenings, either head out to the many tropical bars nearby or we’ll arrange for the chef to bring you some delicious Jerk chicken to your very own veranda.

Want to learn more about Jamaica?

From Jerk cooking classes in Oracabessa and coffee tasting tours in the Blue Mountains, to relaxing on the sun-drenched beaches of Ocho Rios; Jamaica is an enchanting country of colour, sounds, and smells. And we can’t wait to plan something truly magnificent for you.