Considering a honeymoon in Greece? Our new guide has your most pressing questions covered. Read on for the lowdown on when to go, the best islands, where to stay and what to do to make for an unforgettable trip.

As honeymoon destinations go, you can’t get much more romantic than Greece and her many islands. Wrapped in myth, touched with beauty. This is a destination for – and of – the ages. We believe it’s important to connect the dots and experience as many different parts of it as you can. From intimate coves to breathtakingly beautiful hotels; the unknown drama of Folegandros to the serenity of iconic Santorini.

Naturally, we asked our Travel Experts to share their favourite tips and most inspiring ideas for Greece. Head below to get started, or browse all our other top honeymoon destinations here.

Luxury honeymoons in Greece
Santorini in Greece

First things first, when is the best time to go to Greece?

It’s no secret that the Greek Islands are one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world, so it’s inevitable you won’t be the only ones. However, many honeymooners flood to Greece in the height of summer, so for that extra bit of peace and privacy, we think June and September are the perfect months to touch down. Why? Because the crowds have abated and the weather – balmy, bright and calm – means the islands are at their most beautiful, and their most private.

How long should I spend in Greece?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. It depends on how many islands you want to visit, and what you’d like to do when you get there. We’ll suggest a getaway that suits your desires, needs and budget. As a loose rule, that means 8 – 13 nights spent hopping from island to island. Should you want to focus on three islands, then 10 days would be ideal. Giving you sufficient time to settle in, explore the hidden coves, dine lazily at cliffside restaurants, and get some time in the sand and the sun.

How many islands should I visit?

Even if you’re wishing for a fleeting two-day honeymoon to Greece, you could still enjoy a boat trip from Athens or Sounion in order to visit one of the many Cycladic Islands. However, if you want to get the most out of your island-hopping honeymoon in Greece, we’d recommend travelling to at least three. This way, you can experience mainland Greece in all its beauty – from watching sunsets at the ancient Temple of Poseidon to getting tipsy on a wine tasting tour in the Peloponnese – before enjoying a mix of contrasts on the islands themselves.

Amanzoe Hotel in Greece

Which Greek Islands should I visit?

Each island has its own personality and points of interest, from Naxos and Sifnos to Crete and Mykonos. Some are world-renowned for their romantic charm, while others are unfamiliar gems providing a beautiful variation on the bigger, better known islands. We’ve scoured the corners of Greece for many years now, and think these are the perfect contenders for your special trip.


Shaped by the gigantic forces of a volcanic eruption, Santorini’s ruggedly romantic reputation is unparalleled – making it one of the most romantic islands in the world. Picture this: an arrival at pretty Oia by sunset, laying your eyes on towering cliffs scattered with whitewashed houses and electric-blue roofs. Settle down at Adonis Luxury Suites. Take a drop in your own private cave pool. Get dressed and head for dinner at Lycabettus restaurant. We’ll reserve you the best seat on the entire island.


One of the lesser-known and lesser-visited islands of Greece, Sifnos has a lot to shout about. With a different church to gaze upon every day of the year, wild swimming spots sandwiched between country trails, and fig trees rising from the valleys, this is the place to experience the more traditional side of Grecian island life. Famed for its gastronomic excellence, a honeymoon in Sifnos goes hand in hand with dining out at the most idyllic, delicious restaurants, so there’ll be plenty of delicious recommendations from us before you depart.

Greece family vacations


Laidback, sophisticated, and the best spot to windsurf for miles, Paros can suit any type of honeymoon. Besides its fame for water sports, the island is known for its beautiful golden beaches, from Santa Maria and Kolimbithres in the north, to Krios in the west. A short boat trip west, and you’ll find yourself wound up on its enchanting sister island, Antiparos. As soon as you step foot here, the sweet scent of bougainvillea and eucalyptus greet you, soon to be switched to an earthy smell down in Antiparos cave where you’ll uncover stalactites, stalagmites and ancient graffiti.


Mykonos is Greece’s glamorous party island, home to buzzing bars, mouth-watering restaurants, and luxurious hotels – Myconian Utopia and Mykonos Grand to name but two. Fill your days meandering down Chora’s cobbled streets and ducking into boutique shops for a bargain, exploring 16th century windmills and swimming in the warm and soothing water. In the evenings, gaze over the glistening sea from your private jacuzzi as you toast to married life together.

Kolimbithres Beach in Paros, Greece


Another concealed gem we’ve come to cherish is the tiny, rocky island of Folegandros. A place with undisturbed views of romantic churches, and daily wafts of wild thyme; you’re more likely to bump into locals than fellow honeymooners. Upon arrival in the harbour village of Karavostasi, you’ll be welcomed by black cliffs and white beaches, before heading to your pool suite at the luxurious Anemi Hotel. Rise early and zig zag your way up the mountainside in Chora to the romantic Panagia Church for a sunrise view to die for.


Car free and carefree, Spetses will transport you back in time, with the only means of transport being a horse-drawn carriage. You wouldn’t believe it’s a short boat ride from Peloponnesian mainland. The island itself is a rabbit-warren of mansions, with the grandest playing host to the Museum of Spetses – covering 5,000 years of rich naval history. Be sure to take some time to hike through the copious pine forests, catch the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta and explore Hydra Island on a day trip. If it’s relaxation you want, it’s relaxation you’ll get.

Panagia Church, Folegandros

What can I do in Greece?

Plenty. Take a sweeping heli-tour of Santorini’s volcanic coastline or swim through the secret coves of Folegandros We’ve picked out a few of our favourites below.

A sunset cruise around Santorini

Santorini has some of the most stunning views in the whole of Greece, so today you’ll take to the water to soak them all up. Joined by a private skipper and local chef, your journey at sea can be as action packed or relaxed as you’d like. Whether it’s jet skiing and snorkelling or book reading and snoozing. Before tucking into a barbequed dinner and popping a bottle of champagne, take your time to explore the volcanic beaches and enchanting coves nearby. Blue-domed churches in the distance, shimmering seas below, and your loved one by your side; what more could you ask for?

Explore the Cyclades Islands via private helicopter

The Cyclades Islands hold the key to some of the most stunning views in the whole of Greece, and what better way to see them than  via a private helicopter?  We’ll offer you a perfect birds-eye view of the world below, including stunning Santorini and magical Mykonos as you weave your way between hilltops. If this doesn’t get your heart racing, then a romantic dinner date back on the ground is sure to.

Watching the Santorini sunset

Wine tasting with a Mediterranean view

Greece has been crushing grapes for over 6,000 years, making it one of the oldest wine producing regions in Europe. After all, what’s a honeymoon if there isn’t a wine tasting involved? The scent of olive, the distant boom and rush of the sea. Sit yourself down and raise a toast (or two).

A Greek cooking class among olive trees

On a beautiful farm in Sifnos, you’ll be accompanied by a lauded local chef for a traditional cooking class, Greek style. You’ll begin with the preparation of a classic Sifnos breakfast, consisting of homemade marmalade, homemade cheese, and free-range eggs from the farm’s chickens, before gathering ingredients from the farm to prepare lunch. Armed with fresh herbs and home-grown vegetables, Greek feta salads, damsons and sun-dried red wine are sure to be on the menu.

Wine tasting in Greece
Greek cuisine in Sifnos

The most luxurious hotels in Greece (according to us)

A Greek honeymoon hotel should provide three essential things: Indulgence, luxury, and seclusion. Head below for our tried-and-tested favourites.


Nestled on a serene hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea, Kalesma is just a stone’s throw from buzzy Mykonos town. Its beautiful suites and villas have been designed to make the most of uninterrupted sea views. Authentic Cycladic style meets cosmopolitan luxury here – and we’d very happily spend all our time on the terraces where, suffused in warm sunlight, you’ll find yourself in the perfect spot for a romantic evening meal or an invigorating private yoga class.

Kalesma, Greece

Andronis Luxury Suites

A honeymoon package to Greece isn’t complete without a stay at Andronis Luxury Suites. Looking out over Santorini’s north-west coastline, this idyllic Greek palace is made up of 22 suites offering a world-class spa, traditional Aegean architecture, and private infinity pools. Not only are these suites steeped in luxury, history, and gorgeous views but you can also take the private jet-helicopter to the location of your choice to get a different perspective.

Andronis luxury suites, Santorini

The amazing Amanzoe

With 360-degree views from its envious position outside the bustling Porto Heli,  Amanzoe will spoil you  with access to ancient Greek architecture and stunning countryside populated by Olive groves and poplar trees. Romance here isn’t hard to find, it’s everywhere. Boasting its very own Beach Club with watersports on tap, and just a stone’s throw from two UNESCO World Heritage sites, this honeymoon hotel is perfectly placed.

Mykonos Utopia

Perched 100-metres above Elia Beach in southern Mykonos, the gorgeous Utopia is where nature meets sophistication. Magically modern and elegant, during the day you’ll be treated to peaceful spa treatments and countryside wanders, whilst in the evening, the star-studded pool comes to life – even outshining the famous Elia beach below.

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