Thailand’s secret islands

Littered with jaw-droppingly beautiful shores from tip to tail, Thailand isn’t short of a beach retreat. However, in the name of hiding away from the tourist packs, head offshore to one of these less trodden, secret islands. We don’t want to just be part of the crowd now, do we?

1. Koh Mun Nork

As close to a desert island as you’re likely to find, Koh Mun Nork is idyllic and unspoilt by tourists. Simply kick back in a hammock, chow down on freshly caught seafood and enjoy a slice of crowd-free paradise.

How to get here: Catch a bus from Bangkok to Klaeng, about two and a half hours south east of the city, and a boat from the Laem Tarn pier will bring you here.

2. Koh Kood

Perched off the east coast of Thailand and a stone’s throw from Cambodia, Ko Kood (or Ko Kut) has, until now, been inaccessible to tourists. Not only has it maintained its original pristine beauty, but has been likened to the beaches in the Maldives. That’s all we’re saying…

How to get here: From Bangkok, fly or get a bus to Trat on the southeastern coast and from there, catch a speedboat from Laem Sork pier.

3. Koh Lipe

Afloat in the Andaman Sea, off the southwest coast of Thailand, Ko Lipe is but one of more than 51 islands in the Ko Tarutao National Park. Lined with vibrant green jungle, speckled with coved beaches and lapped by azure waters, this teeny tiny speck of an island is as perfect as it sounds.

How to get here: Hop on a plane from Bangkok or Chiang Mai to Pak Bara, south of Phuket. From here there are daily ferries to the island.