Experience an exhilarating new adventure in the Arctic circle.

The edge of the world is razor-sharp, as we discovered in Norway’s wild north.

Earlier this year our adventurous production team set off for the far reaches of Norway’s wild north. Seduced by Senja’s towering mountains and Lofoten’s saw-toothed fjords, they found companionship with a polar explorer, a sea-straddling sailor, and a tamer of huskies. And the dogs themselves, of course.

From orca-spotting to husky sledding, our latest Norway itinerary (more of which below) will let you follow in their crampon-clad footsteps. Get a glimpse of their journey here.

Many people in the past have opted to visit Norway in the summer months, whilst still jaw-droppingly beautiful. The winter months, they reveal a world few have experienced and fewer understood. It’s a wild, enigmatic place that day by day draws you further into its mystery and folklore. Ready for your bespoke adventure?


Far from the comforting glow of Google Maps, this is – of course – a tough trip to organize. But we have a team of in-house Travel Experts – alongside a network of local contacts – who greased the wheels and mapped the hills on our behalf. As well as, somewhat amusingly, reminding our crew to pack useful things like coats. And gloves. Read on to find out more about how you can recreate their journey – and beat back the winter blues – with our brand new, wilderness-approved Norway itinerary.

Part 1 into the wilderness

Our adventurous itinerary takes off in Tromsø; a small island city whose earliest occupation dates back some 10,000 years. Ohthere, a Norse chieftain who lived here during the 9th century CE, described the region as ‘furthest to the north of all Norwegians.’ It is even further north than the territory of the Saami, Europe’s oldest surviving indigenous population.

From this remote outpost we’ll take you out of the city limits into a wilderness that only the hardiest have made home. Here you’ll meet Tove and Torkill, a mother and son team who manage a pack of sledding dogs. They’ll be your guides, and drivers, across the frozen tundra, glimpsing hard, cold stone between stands of winter pine. Sleep out overnight; the black sky undimmed by light pollution – and packed with stars.

Watch as Torkill takes us out into the wilderness here.

On your next stop you’ll board a privately chartered yacht in search of Orcas, this being one of the best places in the world to view this amazing animal. For the brave, and the warm blooded, you can jump into the water itself.


Part 2: Experience the majesty and might of Norway’s mountains and fjords

Little known Senja will be your next stop; an island still mostly undiscovered by the crowds. A single road is wrapped around the coastline, along which it can take two days to drive. Frequent, eye-popping vistas and lookouts help you to understand why this is a land of mighty myth and furious legend. A perfect pitstop on the way south. If you have time (and courage) we can take you inland to sleep surrounded by a pack of wolves, too. You can even stroke them, under the watchful care of a local ranger.

Watch our trip around the mesmeric Senja coastline.

At serene and beautiful Stiegen you’ll meet Borge Ousland; a true ambassador of the warm yet hardy people of Norway. Borge has won world-wide acclaim as the first person to solo ski across the north and south poles. These are stories he’ll happily share over a roaring, open fire, or from the cosy comfort of his private island, Manshausen, and the luxurious cabins he built there.

Watch as he tells us all about his private island here.


Part 3: A grand finale

If you’ve never heard about the Lofoten Islands, then you’re in for a treat.

After taking the ferry from Manshausen to Svolvaer, you’ll find a single road plunging south: the iconic E10. Across one day or three, each turn of the wheel will introduce you to some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. Fang-like mountains (black and purple with stone and snow); bristling pine trees; and gaping fjords.

Heading down to the southern tip of the archipelago, you’ll meet Captain Ludwig; a seasoned master of the seas who’ll captivate you with the history, culture and mythology of fishing in this remote part of the world. After sailing the frost-tipped waves, you’ll soar over the Lofoten’s unnamed peaks by helicopter, or else hike and ski landscapes which the Vikings themselves have trod.

On your last day, you’ll make your way up the 448m of stately Reinebrigen, arriving in time for Norway’s most famous sunrise. It’s an invigorating end to a truly special trip, and one we hope to share with you soon.


Things you should know before you go

  • All of our trips are bespoke. Add in, take out, whatever you want; we’ll help get it right.
  • We filmed this trip in February, but you can visit all year round depending on what you want. Let’s talk.
  • Some of this may look too adventurous for small children or the elderly, but as it’s all bespoke we can modify the trip around what you need and want.
  • This is an off-the-beaten-path itinerary. There aren’t many travel operators who can put together such an experience, meaning it can take a little time to get it just right. Call us soon.