Il Sereno, Lake Como

Sweeping in with a modern take on Lake Como’s traditional shores, Il Sereno makes you sit up and take notice. Glittering atop a pristine strip of shoreline, striking design comes courtesy of the renowned Patricia Urquiola with this 40 room all-suite hotel promising modern glamour on these most illustrious of Italian shores. Whilst the look of Il Sereno has been meticulously thought out to jaw-dropping effect, it’s the views from the hotel that caught our eye. Floor to ceiling windows cover just about every inch of the property meaning that, wherever you go, panoramic views of the lake’s gentle waters will never be far away.


Boasting an address which carries effortless elegance, Il Sereno combines simple luxury with breathtaking natural beauty to create an irresistible getaway. Weave through the winding roads of the Southern Italian Alps in one of the country’s most scenic drives to reach Lake Como’s tranquil waters in just 50-minutes from Milan International Airport. Once you’ve arrived, there’s only one way to explore this breathtaking region – onboard one of Il Sereno’s three custom-built Cantiere Ernesto Riva boats. Pull up at a hidden cove or a postcard town and simply enjoy the view.

Your Room

Staying at Il Sereno, it would be quite easy to never leave your suite. Cosy and intimate yet at the same time spacious and luxurious, the combination of stone, walnut, bronze and glass creates a beautiful space in which to unwind. Taking full advantage of the spectacular scenery, sunlight floods in through the floor to ceiling windows making for an incredible view to wake up to in the morning. Topping it all off with sumptuous king size beds, rainfall showers and private terraces – it would be easy to think it couldn’t get much better, but opt for a corner suite and the 180-degree views will prove it can.

Why we like it

Il Sereno is unapologetically different from anywhere else on Lake Como. It is a breath of fresh air that dared to do things a bit differently – and we’re big fans of that. It’s paid off too, with the result being a jaw-droppingly stunning hotel that packs a serious punch. An intimate restaurant headed up by a Michelin star chef, a soothing spa built within the old Darsena and a gravity-defying pool that seemingly just floats above the lake below; we’re hooked.